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Mayssa Kanaan

Consultant, Dubai

Mayssa is a consultant based in Dubai with a focus on our Middle East portfolio, bringing experience in cultural strategy development, cultural programming, qualitative and quantitative research and project management, aiming to support the rapid growth of the arts and culture sector in the region.  During her time at AEA, she has managed and delivered strategic reports for public and private entities such as the Ministry of Culture and the Royal Commission of AlUla in KSA, and the Art Dubai Group and Arada in the UAE. She has worked on various projects, such as managing and developing a cultural programming strategy for JAX District in Riyadh, crafting a district-wide strategic plan for a theater and performing arts district in Abu Dhabi, and conducting a feasibility study for a cultural building in Sharjah.

Prior to AEA, Mayssa's consultancy projects included an in-depth mapping of the cultural sector of the Emirate of Dubai released by Dubai Culture, developing a report on the innovation sector in the UAE, and leading research and development of visual guidelines for a giga-project in KSA. She has held positions with design studios in the region and in Europe, as well as consulting firms in France, UK and UAE.

She holds a BA in Landscape Architecture from the American University of Beirut and an MA in Contemporary Art Practice for the Public Sphere from the Royal College of Art in London.

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