Animation and Appropriation of Public Spaces

September 2016
By Adrian Ellis and Jessica Ferey

Adrian Ellis, Director of AEA Consulting and GCDN, and Jessica Ferey, Deputy Director of GCDN, were invited to speak at a panel hosted by the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal, in conjunction with the Global Social Economy Forum in Montreal.

The session, titled "Animation and Appropriation of Public Spaces," included an overview of projects in public spaces from Quebec, Canada, and wider international perspectives. Following the presentation of case studies, panelists answered questions around the inspiration for these projects and the rising trend in placemaking around the world; how to evaluate the success of these projects, and what future trends might look like.

Presenters and panelists included:

Frédérique Corson, researcher, Event Design, UQAM
Lyndsay Daudier, Deputy Director for Development and Partnerships, Amplifier Montréal
Jessica Ferey, Deputy Director, Global Cultural Districts Network
Rami Bebawi, Architect, Kanva
Pascale Daigle, Programming Director, Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
Adrian Ellis, Director, AEA Consulting and Global Cultural Districts Network
Véronique Fournier, General Director, Center for Urban Ecology

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