Navigating Uncertain Times

January 2021
By Daniel Payne, Eric Gershman and Natalia Vartapetova

Witnessing the dramatic changes seen through 2020 – brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the national conversation on racial justice, among other factors – The Wallace Foundation commissioned AEA Consulting to create a scenario planning toolkit, seeking a way to help arts and culture organizations deal with the likelihood of a “new normal” featuring few certainties.

In January 2021, Managing Principal Daniel Payne, Senior Consultant Eric Gershman, and Consultant Natalia Vartapetova presented two scenario planning "how to" sessions for the League of American Orchestras members and Youth Orchestras division. During the webinars, AEA's team discussed how AEA created the toolkit, highlighted key trends that affect orchestras, and demonstrated how organizations can put the toolkit to use to extend their planning horizons and imagine new possibilities. 

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