Adrian Ellis cited in The Art Newspaper: "Why museum leaders are organising shows for private collectors."

October 4, 2016

Writing for The Art Newspaper, Cristina Ruiz explores the rising trend of museum collaborations with private patrons and private galleries

Adrian Ellis, director of AEA Consulting, is quoted in the article, sharing his insights on the topic: 

"Collaborations with private collectors have the potential to subvert the purpose of museums...Museums are supported by public money, either through direct funding in Europe or tax benefits in the United States. If the beneficiaries of this are collectors, there is an implicitly regressive element where money is taken away from poorer people and given to rich people. Even if collectors have transferred ownership of their art to foundations, “these organisations are often still effectively controlled by the donors and many of them don’t make a hard distinction between their foundation’s assets and what they own privately.” 

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