Becky Schutt Presents at the UK Theatre Touring Symposium

March 17, 2016

Senior Associate Becky Schutt spoke at the UK Theatre Touring Symposium in London yesterday about AEA's new research study on 'live to digital' programming.

AEA Consulting has been commissioned by Arts Council England UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre to explore the growing marketplace for 'live-to-digital' in the theatre and wider arts sector. This includes (but is not limited to) the Event Cinema market, which is set to reach £60-80million in the UK and $1billion worldwide in the next year alone. 

ACE, SOLT and UK Theatre have identified a need to understand the market in more detail, particularly for supporting smaller players wishing to enter; exploring whether 'displacement' from attending live theatre (or independent film) is taking place; assessing its impact (if any) on touring patterns; developing new audiences; and ascertaining what support the distribution chain may require.

For information on the study, please contact Becky at:

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