BBC Radio 4 Podcast on Travel Writer Patrick Leigh Fermor

June 24, 2015

In this new podcast BBC Radio 4 travels to Greece to explore the former home of famed travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor. In the early 1960s Fermor built a house in the village of Kardamyli in the Mani Peninsula. With an inspirational view of the pristine Messenian Gulf unfolding from the house's stone terrace, it was there where he wrote much of his most acclaimed work and where he remained until his death in June 2011.

The house, donated by Fermor to the Benaki Museum in Athens, is envisioned to become a leading centre that can host significant figures in the fields of literature, the arts, and sciences and provide a site for educational activities, all while honoring the legacy and impact of Fermor’s writing and work. AEA is currently working with the leadership of the Benaki Museum to create a business plan for the house and confirm its programming strategy.

You can listen to the podcast here

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