Adrian Ellis and Elizabeth Ellis presented on the panel Building the Field of Our Dreams, organized by Rick Noguchi, Senior Program Officer, The James Irvine Foundation.

Panel Description: 

Moderated by Josephine Ramirez, Program Director, Arts, The James Irvine Foundation.

Presented by Adrian Ellis, Director, New York, AEA Consulting; Elizabeth Ellis, Principal, New York, AEA Consulting; and Don Howard, Interim President and CEO, The James Irvine Foundation.

The Bridgespan Group developed the Strong Field Framework to help organizations collectively assess the strengths and needs of the field they seek to build, working towards a common goal with a set of sharedand proven approaches. The Irvine Foundation, with AEA Consulting, applied this framework to the arts to learn how to develop and support a field within a field of arts organizations, nonprofit partners, researchers, and policymakers committed to engaging more and different kinds of people in the arts using emergent, sustainable approaches. In a highly participatory fashion, this session reviewed the Strong Field Framework and helped define the potential contours of this field by exploring the initial concepts and values that could anchor it.

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