Strategy Planning

AEA is a leader in the planning and delivery of a wide variety of cultural & creative spaces, including cultural districts, mixed-use developments, museums and galleries, performance spaces, multi-disciplinary spaces, parks, and heritage sites. We deliver plans that pay close attention to what is required for long-term operating and financial success, and that include actionable road maps and evaluation metrics.

Business & Operating PlansWe undertake rigorous research and financial modeling to support sound and sustainable business & operating plans for cultural facilities and projects.
Cultural Master PlanningWe advise on master plans for city-wide arts and culture strategies, mixed-use developments, and cultural and creative districts.
Concept DevelopmentWe create innovative concepts for new cultural and creative spaces based on sound research and imaginative visioning.
Design BriefsWe detail the number, type and configuration of spaces and their functional requirements to ensure the design of cultural facilities supports mission, program & financial sustainability.
Market AnalysisWe provide meaningful insights into current and future dynamics of a particular marketplace to support realistic demand analysis and business plans.
Project DeliveryWe create clear critical paths to optimize the chances of a project’s delivery on time and on budget.
Organizational Planning We deliver customized planning solutions to a variety of issues for organizations across all stages of development.
Feasibility StudiesWe deliver robust studies that demonstrate the financial & organizational impacts, and success and risk factors of new cultural building projects.
Capital Project PlanningWe have unparalleled expertise in the planning and execution of successful capital projects in the arts worldwide.
Audience ResearchWe deliver customized quantitative and qualitative research to help our clients understand the profile and motivations of their current and potential audiences, supporting long-term audience development.
Sector StudiesWe deliver incisive studies that provide a comprehensive portrait of a particular sector, or issue within a sector, and forecast future trends.
Sustainability System for the ArtsThe SSA creates a specific yet flexible methodology that leads to a well-defined and verifiable sustainability strategy for organizations operating in the arts and cultural sector - a framework for measuring impacts, engaging stakeholders, benchmarking, monitoring, target-setting, improving, and communicating.
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