Strategy Planning

AEA works with clients at the earliest possible stage to develop successful project strategies, whether in the context of a new cultural facility, policy, or program. We help articulate the project’s goals and rationale; explore the possible routes to deliver it; and confirm the optimum way forward.

Strategic PlanningFor selected clients, we deliver strategic plans that align mission, programs, organizational and financial capacity; and include actionable road maps.
Scenario PlanningWe review the range of forward possibilities facing our clients and the sector through a structured process to uncover the most important levers under our clients’ control - providing outside perspective to widen the range of options under consideration, testing assumptions, and modeling potential operational and financial implications during times of uncertainty.
Program StrategyWe design and evaluate new arts & cultural programs and projects, suggest content partners, and recommend evaluative metrics.
Options AnalysisWe develop, test and recommend options for cultural projects based on agreed criteria and rigorous assessment.
Policy DevelopmentWe advise public sector bodies on strategy to inform cultural policy development.
Traveling Exhibitions StrategiesAEA works with IP rights holders, artists, film, TV, and media companies on developing, launching, and touring traveling exhibitions and immersive experiences.
Digital StrategyWe devise intelligent digital strategies that allow organizations to raise awareness and increase audience access, reach, and impact. When organizations work with AEA, the result is a digital strategy that fits into their wider organizational strategy – not a “one-off” fix for their website or social media channels.
Partnership StrategyWe articulate criteria for strong cultural partnerships, identify global content and operating partners, and structure partnership agreements.
Investment StrategyWe recommend strategies for investment in the cultural & creative sector; as well as high-level funding strategies for projects.
Policy ResearchWe provide in-depth research for the public sector that supports strategic cultural policy development based on global best practice and local conditions.
Creative Legacy StrategiesAEA works with artists, collectors, artist estates, IP rights holders, film, TV, and media companies to advise on legacy and brand extension strategies.
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